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Scope This Out is a periodical that provides Medwest with information geared towards the advancement of Orthopedic surgery through innovative products and procedures.

Scope This Out (Winter 2008-2009 - Vol. 10, Number 4)
Inside: Upper Extremity Solutions, Capital Equipment, Research Corner, Small Joint Solutions Pointers & Pearls, In The Loop, What's in My Bag with Dr. Snyder, Coding Corner

Scope This Out (Summer 2008 - Vol. 10, Number 2)
Inside: Upper Extremity Solutions, Knee & Hip Solutions, Research Corner, Small Joint Solutions, In The Loop, Pointers & Pearls, What's in My Bag? with Dr. ElAttrache

Scope This Out (Spring 2008 - Vol. 10. Number 1)
Inside: Capital Equipment Solutions, Upper Extremity Solutions, Knee & Hip Solutions Research Corner, Small Joint Solutions, In the Loop, Pointers & Pearls, What’s in My Bag? with Dr.Guerra



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